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Table 5 Estimated adjusted means for plasma concentrations of plasma lipids, grouped according to LPL genotype.

From: The lipoprotein lipase gene in combined hyperlipidemia: evidence of a protective allele depletion

Trait n SS* SX+XX* R2 p-value†
TG 373 165.8 146.1 0.697 0.001
LDL-C 345 144.5 133.4 0.309 0.007
TG/HDL-C 370 3.801 3.162 0.651 0.031
  1. * Lipid measurements expressed in mg/dL. The p-values are for the corresponding adjusted means on the log scale.
  2. TG, triglyceride; LDL-C, low density lipoprotein-cholesterol; HDL, high density lipoprotein; SS, individuals homozygous for the Ser447 allele; SX+XX, individuals that carry either one or two 447X alleles.