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Figure 4

From: Protonated nanostructured aluminosilicate (NSAS) reduces plasma cholesterol concentrations and atherosclerotic lesions in Apolipoprotein E deficient mice fed a high cholesterol and high fat diet

Figure 4

Total plasma cholesterol concentrations (Mean +/- SEM) from the beginning of the treatment (week 0) to the end of treatment (week 12) in the Apo-E deficient mice treated with 1.4% w/w (n = 8) of protonated NSAS, 2% w/w stigmastanol (n = 7) vs. untreated control (n = 8). Statistically significant differences for both 1.4% w/w protonated NSAS and 2% w/w stigmastanol at 4, 8 and 12 weeks compared to untreated controls (*p < 0.05 vs. untreated controls and **p < 0.01 vs. untreated controls) were observed; one-way ANOVA followed by Dunnett multiple comparisons test

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