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Figure 7

From: Regulations of the key mediators in inflammation and atherosclerosis by Aspirin in human macrophages

Figure 7

Increases in the protein levels for ABCA1 and SR-BI from the conditioned media by ASA. THP-1 macrophages were cultured in 1 media containing 10% FBS with ASA for 24 h. The total proteins from culture supernatants of THP-1 cells were separated by SDS-PAGE. SR-BI (A, B) and ABCA1 (C, D) protein levels were determined by Western blot analysis with specific antibodies (A, C). The signal intensities from blots were qualified by the Quantity One software and transformed to the bar graphs (B, D). Results are expressed as mean ±S.D, of three experiments with duplicated samples. * P <0.05,compared to control(Figure 7B, D).

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