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Figure 2

From: The Δ4-desaturation pathway for DHA biosynthesis is operative in the human species: Differences between normal controls and children with the Zellweger syndrome

Figure 2

Gas-chromatographic differences of the main omega-3 PUFAs between the normal and the Zellweger-syndrome child. Omega-3 VLPUFA peaks directly scanned from the gas chromatograms in one control and one ZS patient. It can be seen that, before adding the Δ4-desaturase construct (A), DHA is higher than ω3DPA (22:5ω3) in the normal child, while it is lower than ω3DPA in the patient with Zellweger's syndrome (ratio 22:6ω3/22:5ω3 < 1.0) When adding the enzyme (B), this ratio increases clearly, especially in the ZS patient.

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