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Figure 3

From: The Δ4-desaturation pathway for DHA biosynthesis is operative in the human species: Differences between normal controls and children with the Zellweger syndrome

Figure 3

Omega-3 individual effects of transfection with Δ4-desaturase on controls and children with the Zellweger syndrome. This figure shows the significant increases of the 22:6ω3/22:5ω3 ratio in all the children transfected with the Δ4-desaturase plasmid. As can be seen, the ratio increases clearly in all the cases. However, the slope is higher in the ZS patients, whose ratio is lower from the start and surpasses the normal in some patients. The greater variability in the ZS patients is due to their clinical and biological heterogeneity. Yet, the statistical significance of paired t-tests is extremely high in all cases (p < 0.0001)

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