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Figure 5

From: The Δ4-desaturation pathway for DHA biosynthesis is operative in the human species: Differences between normal controls and children with the Zellweger syndrome

Figure 5

Omega-3 effects of transfection with Δ4-desaturase on grouped controls and patients with the Zellweger syndrome. The number of times that the 22:6ω3/22:5ω3 ratio increased when the Δ4-desaturase construct was transfected, in normal children and in ZS patients, is displayed here. For that, a new index was obtained by dividing the 22:6ω3/22:5ω3 ratio with the added Δ4-desaturase by the same ratio obtained when transfecting the empty vector [(22:6ω3/22:5ω3)+Δ4/(22:6ω3/22:5ω3) empty]. Bars are mean values ± SEM. Despite the effect of grouping patients and controls by unpaired t-tests, the statistical significance was still extremely high (p = 0.0002).

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