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Table 2 Information on the selected AdipoQ gene SNPs

From: Single nucleotide polymorphism rs3774261 in the AdipoQ gene is associated with the risk of coronary heart disease (CHD) in Northeast Han Chinese population: a case-control study

NCBI SNP ID Gene position Alleles (major/minor) MAF (case/control) %Geno P value of HWE in controls
rs3774261 Intron 2 A/G 0.49/ 0.41 98.88 0.20
rs1063537 3’UTR C/T 0.26/ 0.28 99.01 0.42
rs2082940 3’UTR C/T 0.26/ 0.30 98.88 0.60
  1. UTR untranslated region, MAF minor allele frequency, HWE Hardy-Weinberg equilibrium. rs3774261 (+349 A > G), rs1063537 (+3228 C > T), rs2082940 (+3317 T > C)
  2. %Geno is the percentage of non-missing genotypes for each marker