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Table 3 Candidate lipid markers for hepatic fibrosis induced by CCL4 and LS

From: Plasma lipid profiling of different types of hepatic fibrosis induced by carbon tetrachloride and lomustine in rats

Class Ion Fatty side chains CCL4 LS
LPC LPC(18:0) 18:0
LPC LPC(18:3) 18:3
LPC LPC(20:4) 20:4
LPC LPC(22:6) 22:6
PC PC(34:0) 16:0/18:0
PC PC(36:0) 18:0/18:0
PC PC(36:4)b 16:0/20:4
PC PC(38:4)b 18:0/20:4
PC PC(38:5) 18:1/20:4
PC PC(38:6)a 18:2/20:4
PC PC(38:6)b 16:0/22:6
PC PC(40:4) 18:0/22:4
PC PC(40:5) 20:1/20:4
PC PC(40:6)b 18:0/22:6
PC PC(40:7) 18:1/22:6
PC PC(40:8) N.D.
PC PC(42:7) N.D.
PC PC(42:10) 20:4/22:6
ePE PE(38:5e)a N.D.
ePE PE(38:5e)b N.D.
ePE PE(40:5e) N.D.
PI PI(36:4) 16:0/20:4
PI PI(40:6) 18:0/22:6
SM SM(34:1) N.D.
SM SM(34:2) N.D.
SM SM(40:2) N.D.
SM SM(42:2) N.D.
SM SM(42:4) N.D.
Cer Cer(42:1) N.D.
TG TG(54:6)b 16:0/18:2/20:4
TG TG(56:5) 16:0/18:1/22:4
TG TG(56:6) 18:1/18:1/20:4
TG TG(58:6) 18:1/18:1/22:4
TG TG(58:7) N.D.
TG TG(60:8) N.D.
TG TG(60:9) 18:1/18:2/24:6, 18:1/20:3/22:5
TG TG(60:10) N.D.
TG TG(62:11) N.D.
  1. The underline lipid molecules are altered by both CCl 4 and LS. CCl 4 carbon tetrachloride; LS lomustine; LPC lysophosphatidylcholine; PC phosphatidylcholine; ePE ether-type PC, PI phosphatidylinositol; SM sphingomyelin; Cer ceramide; TG triacylglycerol; N.D. not determined