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Fig. 1

From: Interactive effects of C-reactive protein levels on the association between APOE variants and triglyceride levels in a Taiwanese population

Fig. 1

The triglyceride levels according to rs429358 genotypes a, b and APOE isoforms c, d in Taiwanese subjects in high and low C-reaction protein (CRP) subgroups. a After adjusting for clinical covariates, subjects carrying the APOE rs429358-TT genotype had lower triglyceride levels compared to those carrying non-TT genotypes in the low CRP subgroup but not in the high CRP subgroup. b Significantly lower triglyceride levels were also noted when subjects with the APOE rs429358-TT genotype and low CRP levels were compared to the other subjects of the study. c, d Similar results were also noted when triglyceride levels from carriers of the APOE ε4 and non-ε4 isoforms were compared. Low CRP level was defined as CRP levels lower or equal to 0.62 mg/L, whereas high CRP level was defined as CRP levels higher than 0.62 mg/L

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