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Fig. 2

From: Effects of a purified krill oil phospholipid rich in long-chain omega-3 fatty acids on cardiovascular disease risk factors in non-human primates with naturally occurring diabetes type-2 and dyslipidemia

Fig. 2

Panel a: Control-adjusted mean change in total serum cholesterol measured by Siemenes Advia-2400. Panel b: Control-adjusted mean change of calculated non-HDL cholesterol. Panel c: Control-adjusted mean change of LDL parameters assessed by 3 different methods. 1: LDL-c by selective chemically clearing method (Siemens Advia-2400); 2: LDL particles by NMR; 3: ApoB100 by turbidimetry (Siemens Advia-2400); 4: the mean of the three LDL methods. Panel d: Control-adjusted change of HDL parameters assessed by 4 different methods. 5: HDL-c by polymer/detergent method (Siemens Advia-2400); 6: HDL concentration (calculated) by NMR; 7: HDL particles by NMR; 8: ApoA1 by turbidimetry (Siemens Advia-2400); 9: The mean results obtained with the four HDL methods. Dose-levels at the bottom of the graph refer to phospholipid doses

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