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Fig. 2

From: Effect of cholecystectomy on hepatic fat accumulation and insulin resistance in non-obese Hispanic patients: a pilot study

Fig. 2

Effect of XGB on hepatic fat content. Columns represent the mean ± SE of the percentage of HFC observed at the beginning and after 24 months of follow-up in control (panel a) and cholecystectomized subjects (panel b). White and black columns represent the values obtained at the beginning and end of the study. Four liver segments were analyzed: right posterior hepatic lobe, RPHL; right anterior hepatic lobe, RAHL; left medium hepatic lobe, LMHL; left lower hepatic lobe, LLHL, and mean value of the four lobes. White columns represent values at the beginning of the study and columns with grey dots represent values obtained at the end of the study. * P < 0.03

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