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Table 1 Antibodies and dilutions

From: Sexual dimorphism in the hepatic protein response to a moderate trans fat diet in senescence-accelerated mice

Antigen Company Catalog number Dilution
ICAM-1 R&D Systems AF583 1:250
MCP-1 Abcam ab-25,124 1:1000
COX-2 Cell Signaling 12,282 1:250
Ref-1 Santa Cruz Biotechnologies sc-17,774 1:1000
γ-GCS Santa Cruz Biotechnologies sc-22,755 1:2000
SOD-1 Enzo Life Sciences ADI-SOD-100 1:5000
SOD-2 Enzo Life Sciences ADI-SOD-110 1:5000
Gadd-153 Santa Cruz Biotechnologies sc-575 1:500
HO-1 Enzo Life Sciences ADI-OSA-111 1:1000
FASN Cell Signaling 3189 1:1000
ACLY From ref. [54]   1:1000
4-hydroxynonenal Abcam 46,545 1:500