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Table 2 Top 10 plasma lipoprotein Metabolites with highest absolute loadings in principal component 1 (PrC1) and 2 (PrC2)

From: Phospholipids in lipoproteins: compositional differences across VLDL, LDL, and HDL in pregnant women

Metabolite PrC1 Metabolite PrC2
SM C34:1 0.2633825 PCae C38:5 0.24530123
SM C36:1 0.23533697 PCae C38:4 0.24105136
SM C42:2 0.21961745 PCae C40:6 0.2195198
SM C41:1 0.215592 PCae C42:6 0.21406066
SM C34:2 0.20837699 PCaa C44:12 0.20189903
SM C42:3 0.20613141 PCae C36:3 0.19888559
PC C38:5 −0.20204572 PCaa C34:1 −0.19755011
SM C33:1 0.19581353 PCae C36:4 0.1966289
SM C32:1 0.1916571 PCaa C32:1 −0.19595342
SM C33:3 0.19136632 PCaa C34:2 −0.19438766
  1. Wilcoxon Mann Whitney U test showed significant differences in the SM to PC ratios between the lipoproteins with a significantly higher ratio of SM/PC in LDL compared to HDL and VLDL (Fig. 4)