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Table 5 Effects of γ-linolenic acid in vitro and in vivo clinical trails

From: The impact of sea buckthorn oil fatty acids on human health



Possible mechanism of action



Human in vivo study

Forming products with anti-inflammatory properties through the cyclo-oxygenase and 15-lypogenase. Also, it can improve the hyperproliferative skin condition modulating the protein kinase C.

Jung (2014) [8]

Atopic dermatitis

Human in vivo study

It seems to play na important role as a marker of compliance but not as a therapeutic treatment

Jaw (2003)

Yang (2000) [39]

Dry eye

Human in vivo study

Rat in vivo study

In combination with omega-3 fatty acids, it decreases the secretion turbidity, the meibomian gland obstruction and edema.

Pinna (2007) [40]

Viau (2009) [41]