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Table 1 Previous studies regarding cut-off values of the TG/HDL-C ratio.

From: Comparison of discrimination for cardio-metabolic risk by different cut-off values of the ratio of triglycerides to HDL cholesterol

Authors, yearAge of subjects (mean or range)CountryCut-off valuesUnits (#1)OutcomeRef. no
McLaughlin et al. 200350 years (men and women with overweight)USA3.0 (men and women)mg/dlInsulin resistance[18]
McLaughlin et al. 2005Mean years, 42–56 (men and women)USA3.5 (men and women)mg/dlInsulin resistance[4]
Cordero et al. 200842–44 years (men and women)Spain2.75 (men), 1.65 (women)mg/dlMS[19]
Li et al. 200820 years or olderUSA3.0 (non-Hispanic whites and Mexican Americans); 2.0 (non-Hispanic blacks) (men and women)mg/dlHyperinsulinemia[20]
Hadaegh et al. 201043.3 years (men); 40.8 years (women)Iran4.7 (men), 3.7 (women)mmol/LDiabetes[21]
Kawamoto et al. 201060 years (non-obese men and women); 57 (overweight men and women)Japan1.50 (non-obese men and women); 2.20 (overweight men and women)mg/dlInsulin resistance[22]
Summer et al. 201055 years (African-American men and women)USA2.5 (men); indefinable (women)mg/dlInsulin resistance[23]
Arthur et al. 201244.23 years (postmenopausal women)Ghana0.61 (women)mmol/LMS[24]
Salazar et al. 201246 years (men); 45 years (women)Argentine3.5 (men); 2.5 (women)mg/dlInsulin resistance[25]
Liang et al. 201350 years or older (postmenopausal women)China0.88 (women)mmol/LMS[26]
Chen et al. 201452.30 years (men, MS-); 51.98 years (men, MS+); 49.14 years (women, MS-); 58.58 years (women, MS+)China1.6 (JIS criteria) and 1.2 (ATPIII criteria) (men); 1.1 (both criteria) (women)mmol/LMS[27]
Gasevic et al. 201446.8 years (men); 47.5 years (women)Canada1.62 (men); 1.18 (women)mmol/LMS[28]
Unger et al. 201445 years (MS+); 33 years (MS-)Argentine3.1 (men); 2.2 (women)mg/dlMS[29]
Zhang et al. 201552.6 years (men, normal weight); 52.2 (men, high weight); 49.8 years (women, normal weight); 54.9 years (women, high weight)China1.51 (men); 0.84 (women)mmol/LInsulin resistance[30]
Chen et al. 201650.61 years (men, MS+); 48.70 (men, MS-); 53.54 (women MS+); 45.57 (women, MS-)China1.10 (men); 0.90 (women)mmol/LMS[31]
Gharipour et al., 201650.7 (men and women)Iran4.42 (men); 3.76 (women); 3.68 (men and women)mg/dlIschemic heart disease and stroke (#2)[32]
Li et al. 2016Mean years: 49.44–53.99 (men); 48.65–56.71 (women)Chinamen: 1.3 (HT), 1.3 (DL), 1.4 (DM), 1.4 (RFs); women: 0.9 (HT), 1.0 (DL), 1.0 (DM), 1.1 (RFs)mmol/LHT, DL, DM, RFs[33]
Paulmichl et al. 201643.9 yearsAustria etc.2.05 (M value), 1.47 (M/I value)mg/dlInsulin resistance[34]
Song et al. 201654.40 years (diabetes); 41.12 years (non-diabetes)China1.24 (men and women)mmol/LDM[35]
Abbasian et al. 201730–60 yearsIran4.03 (men); 2.86 (women)mg/dlMS[36]
Kang et al. 20179–13 yearsKorea1.41 (men and women)mg/dlInsulin resistance[37]
Deng et al. 201868.5 yearsChina0.9 (men and women)mmol/LAcute ischemic stroke (#2)[38]
  1. #1, units of triglycerides and HDL cholesterol. The TG/HDL-C value calculated using mg/dl corresponds to the product of 2.29 and the TG/HDL-C value calculated using mmol/L; #2, prospective study. ATPIII The Third Adult Treatment Panel, DL Dyslipidemia, DM, Diabetes mellitus, HT Hypertension, JIS The Joint Interim Statement, MS Metabolic syndrome, RFs two or more risk factors, Ref. no Reference number