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Table 1 Variants found in the present study

From: Identification of a novel LPL nonsense variant and further insights into the complex etiology and expression of hypertriglyceridemia-induced acute pancreatitis

Gene mRNA reference Variant Allele frequency in gnomAD genome dataset rs number
Nucleotide change Amino acid change East Asian population All populations  
LPL NM_000237.3 c.352C > T p.Gln118* 0 0 No
LMF1 NM_022773.3 c.306G > A p.Thr102= 0.4006 0.2796 rs3751667
c.540G > A p.Thr180= 0.2352 0.1899 rs2277892
c.543G > A p.Gly181= 0.3007 0.2776 rs2277893