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Table 1 Filtering of the studies found according to the predetermined selection criteria. Left: List of articles found by the search. Top: the specified inclusiocriteria, based on which the analysis of the articles took place. Legend: x = criterion applies, o = criterion does not apply, bold font = these studies were included in the literature review, italic font = these articles have been excluded from the literature review

From: What is the impact of the adjunctive use of omega-3 fatty acids in the treatment of periodontitis? A systematic review and meta-analysis

StudiesClinical TrialRCTHumanPeriodontitisAdjunctive ω3-FSAdjunctive aspirinNon-surgical periodontal therapySurgical periodontal therapyPlacebo controlProbing depthClinical attachment levelGingiva indexBleeding on probingPlaque indexCRP
Elwakeel et al. 2015 [29]xxxxxxxoxxxxoxo
Naqvi et al. 2014 [22]xxxxxxooxxoxxxx
Deore et al. 2014 [30]xxxxxoxoxxxxxox
Martinez et al. 2014 [31]xxxxxoxoxxxoxxo
Elkhouli 2011 [13]xxxxxxxxxxxxxxo
El-Sharkawy et al. 2010 [15]xxxxxxxoxxxxxxo
Rosenstein et al. 2003 [24]xxxxxoooxxoxoxo
Campan et al. 1997[33]xxxoooooxooxoxo
Campan et al.1996 [26]xxxoooooxooxoxo
Jenabian et al. 2012[25]xxxoxoooxooxxoo
Naqvi et al. 201 7 [23]xxxxxxooxxxxxxo
Lourenço et al. 2018 [21]xxoxxoooxxoxoxx
Rampally et al. 2019 [27]xxxxxxxoxxxxoxo
Keskiner et al.2017 [32]xxxxxox0xxxxxxo