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Table 4 Risk of bias. According to Chee et al. (2016) [7] and the Cochrane Handbook by Schmucker et al. (2017) [18] Cochrane Germany

From: What is the impact of the adjunctive use of omega-3 fatty acids in the treatment of periodontitis? A systematic review and meta-analysis

 Elwakeel and Hazaa (2015) [29]Deore et al. (2014) [30]Elkhouli (2011) [13]El-Sharkawy et al. (2010) [31]Martinez et al. (2014) [31]Keskiner et al. (2017) [32]
General bias      
study design111111
clear definition of inclusion and exclusion criteria101111
number of study participants111111
number of participants per study group110111
clear definition of the experimental groups111111
control of the compliance of the participants111111
presentation of significant results111111
clear details of the medication and composition111111
clear indication of dosage111111
clear indication of the duration of the medication111011
clear indication of placebo (composition)110000
Periodontitis bias      
periodontal disease111111
selection of patients101111
periodontal parameters / indices111111
number of examiners11N/A001
calibration of the examinerN/AN/AN/A111
time of recording of periodontal parameters111111
systemic diseases111111
  1. 1 = quality criteria fulfilled, 0 = not fulfilled, N/A = no information