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Table 3 The association between resveratrol intake and lipid profiles and liver enzymes using sensitivity analyses

From: The effects of resveratrol on lipid profiles and liver enzymes in patients with metabolic syndrome and related disorders: a systematic review and meta-analysis of randomized controlled trials

VariablesPre-sensitivity analysisUpper & lower of effect sizePost-sensitivity analysis
No. of studies includedPooled WMD (random effect)95% CIPooled WMD (random effect)95% CIExcluded studies
Triglycerides32−5.84−12.68, 1.00Upper−4.24−8.78, 0.29Simental-Mendía [46]
Lower−6.86−13.88, 0.15Faghihzadeh [35]
Total cholesterol28−7.65−12.93, −2.37Upper−5.76− 12.23, 0.70Bhatt [20]
Lower−9.00−14.11, −3.89Faghihzadeh [35]
LDL-cholesterol27− 2.90−10.88, 5.09Upper−1.49−9.36, 6.37Cicero [41]
Lower−6.32−11.41, − 1.22Faghihzadeh [35]
HDL-cholesterol290.49−0.80, 1.78Upper0.69−0.59, 1.99Kumar [25]
Lower0.17−1.04, 1.40Movahed [28]
ALT13− 0.14− 3.69, 3.41Upper− 0.33− 4.10, 3.42Kantartzis [36]
Lower− 0.69−4.35, 2.96Khodabandehloo [38]
AST10−0.34− 2.94, 2.27Upper0.42− 2.19, 3.03Mazza [48]
Lower−0.77−3.51, 1.96Seyyedebrahimi [30]
GGT51.760.58, 2.94Upper2.110.89, 3.34Chen [34]
Lower1.07−1.22, 3.37de Light M [45]
  1. ALT Alanine aminotransferase, AST Aspartate aminotransferase, GGT Gamma-glutamyl transferase