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Table 5 Joint activity and body composition measurements in PsA patients

From: Higher bodily adiposity, fat intake, and cholesterol serum levels are associated with higher disease activity in psoriatic arthritis patients: is there a link among fat and skin and joint involvement?

Body CompositionSevere (>  5.1)Moderate (3.2–5.1)Low (2.6–3.2)Remission (< 2.6)
ASMI (kg/m2)17.74a19.54 a19.57 a23.91 b
Total body fat mass (kg)45.53 a40.46 ab37.05 ab31.78 b
FMI (kg/m2)14.45 a12.53 ab10.22b9.69b
  1. ASMI Appendicular skeletal muscle mass index, FMI Fat mass index, ANOVA Tukey Test, Same letters in the same line p > 0.05; different letters in the same line p < 0.05