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Table 6 Associations between skin activity and food intake in patients with PsA

From: Higher bodily adiposity, fat intake, and cholesterol serum levels are associated with higher disease activity in psoriatic arthritis patients: is there a link among fat and skin and joint involvement?

Food IntakePASI
 Severe (> 5.0)Moderate (0.1–4.9)Remission (0)
Trans fat (g)1.59a1.01b0.91b
Sodium (mg)2921.82a2053.96b2588.02b,a
Omega 6 (g)1.65a3.12b2.11a,b
  1. ANOVA and Tukey test; same letters in the same line p > 0.05; different letters in the same line p < 0.05
  2. The boldface indicates significative association (p > 0.05) between trans fat intake and severe and moderate PASI and between sodium and moderate and severe PASI.