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Table 1 Tumor-associated and tumor-specific antigens

From: Cell surface sphingomyelin: key role in cancer initiation, progression, and immune evasion

Marker Full name Tissue Malignancy Ref
AFP Alfa fetoprotein Fetal liver Liver, gut, ovaries [4]
CEA Carcinoembryonic antigen Blood Gastric, lung [4]
HSP Heat shock proteins Stressed cells lung, gut, prostate [4]
CA Carbohydrate antigens All cells Gastric, lung, pancreas [4]
MUC1 Mucin 1 Epithelial cells Lung, breast, pancreas [4]
PSA Prostate-specific antigen Prostate Prostate [4]
MAGE Melanoma-associated antigen Testis Lung [4, 5]
NY-ESO-1 Cancer/testis antigen Testis Esophagus [6,7,8]
SSX-2 Cancer/testis antigen Testis Various cancer [7, 9, 10]
GPC3 Glypican-3 Fetal and adult Liver, lung, melanoma [4]
Midkine Growth-promoting factor 2 All cells Nervous system [7, 11]
EpCAM Cell adhesion molecule Epithelial cells Epithelial carcinomas [7]
PRAME Preferentially in melanoma Testis Lung [5, 7, 8]
WT1 Wilm’s tumor protein1 Urinogenital Kidney [7, 8]
Survivin Inhibitor of apoptosis All cells Bladder [7, 8, 12]