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  1. Essential phospholipids (EPL) have hepatoprotective effects across many liver diseases/conditions. The impact of EPL on hepatocyte function in vitro was investigated.

    Authors: Dominik Wupperfeld, Gert Fricker, Béatrice Bois De Fer, Larissa Frank, Annika Wehrle and Branko Popovic
    Citation: Lipids in Health and Disease 2022 21:91
  2. Alcohol-related liver disease (ALD) is a major chronic liver ailment caused by alcohol overconsumption and abuse. Apolipoprotein H (APOH) participates in lipid metabolism and might have a potential regulatory ...

    Authors: Yaming Liu, Zhe Wu, Yong Zhang, Binbin Chen, Shuqi Yu, Wanyun Li and Jianlin Ren
    Citation: Lipids in Health and Disease 2022 21:89
  3. Although dyslipidaemia may have a crucial impact on cardiovascular health in adults, there is a lack of specific data in transitional-age youth. Therefore, this study attempted to evaluate the association of d...

    Authors: Jia-Xing Zhang, Wen Li, Xiu-Juan Tao, Chen Chen, Qing-An Wang, Wan-Lu Liu, Chan Yang, Kai-Rong Wang, Jiang-Wei Qiu, Yi Zhao and Yu-Hong Zhang
    Citation: Lipids in Health and Disease 2022 21:88
  4. Hyperlipidaemia is an important factor that induces coronary artery disease (CAD). This study aimed to explore the lipid metabolism patterns and relevant clinical and molecular features of coronary artery dise...

    Authors: Yanhui Liao, Zhenzhen Dong, Hanhui Liao, Yang Chen, Longlong Hu, Zuozhong Yu, Yi Xia, Yuanbin Zhao, Kunpeng Fan, Jingwen Ding, Xiongda Yao, Tianhua Deng and Renqiang Yang
    Citation: Lipids in Health and Disease 2022 21:87
  5. This study aimed to examine whether the neutrophil to high-density lipoprotein cholesterol ratio (NHR) can predict cardiovascular outcomes in normoglycemic individuals with elevated fasting glucose levels.

    Authors: Shuo-Lin Liu, Bao-Yu Feng, Qi-Rui Song, Ying-Mei Zhang, Shuo-Ling Wu and Jun Cai
    Citation: Lipids in Health and Disease 2022 21:86
  6. Doxorubicin (DOX) is an anthracycline antibiotic frequently used against a wide range of cancers, including breast cancer. Although the drug is effective as a treatment against cancer, many patients develop he...

    Authors: Carmelita Abrahams, Nicholas J. Woudberg and Sandrine Lecour
    Citation: Lipids in Health and Disease 2022 21:85
  7. Epidemiological and clinical evidence suggests that high-dose intake of omega 3 fatty acids (n-3 FA) have a favorable role in altering serum triglycerides (TG) and non-high density lipoprotein cholesterol (non...

    Authors: Gediz Dogay Us and Sohail Mushtaq
    Citation: Lipids in Health and Disease 2022 21:84
  8. Despite having a 92% concentration of saturated fatty acid composition, leading to an apparently unfavorable lipid profile, body weight and glycemic effect, coconut oil is consumed worldwide. Thus, we conducte...

    Authors: Ana Cláudia Duarte, Bernardo Frison Spiazzi, Carolina Pires Zingano, Eduarda Nunes Merello, Laura Fink Wayerbacher, Paula Portal Teixeira, Laura Penso Farenzena, Carina de Araujo, Carmen Raya Amazarray, Verônica Colpani and Fernando Gerchman
    Citation: Lipids in Health and Disease 2022 21:83
  9. Hypoxia is a common feature of laryngocarcinoma. Alterations in lipid metabolism are an important metabolic rewiring phenomenon for malignant cells to maintain their rapid proliferation in the hypoxic microenv...

    Authors: Minlan Yang, Sa Wu, Weisong Cai, Xiaoping Ming, Yuhao Zhou and Xiong Chen
    Citation: Lipids in Health and Disease 2022 21:82
  10. The present article aims to discuss the hypothesis that skeletal muscle per se but mostly its muscle fiber composition could be significant determinants of lipid metabolism and that certain exercise modalities...

    Authors: Tzortzis Nomikos, Spyridon Methenitis and Demosthenes B Panagiotakos
    Citation: Lipids in Health and Disease 2022 21:81
  11. Chronic pain in adolescence is associated with diminished outcomes, lower socioeconomic status in later life, and decreased family well-being. Approximately one third of adolescents with chronic pain have obes...

    Authors: Paula A. Gonzalez, Judith Simcox, Hershel Raff, Gina Wade, Helaina Von Bank, Steven Weisman and Keri Hainsworth
    Citation: Lipids in Health and Disease 2022 21:80
  12. Acute myeloid leukemia (AML) is the most common malignancy of the hematological system, and there are currently a number of studies regarding abnormal alterations in energy metabolism, but fewer reports relate...

    Authors: Hai-Bin Zhang, Zhuo-Kai Sun, Fang-Min Zhong, Fang-Yi Yao, Jing Liu, Jing Zhang, Nan Zhang, Jin Lin, Shu-Qi Li, Mei-Yong Li, Jun-Yao Jiang, Ying Cheng, Shuai Xu, Xue-Xin Cheng, Bo Huang and Xiao-Zhong Wang
    Citation: Lipids in Health and Disease 2022 21:79
  13. Lipoprotein(a) [Lp(a)] is a recognized risk factor for ischemic stroke (IS); however, its role in thromboembolism in patients with non-valvular atrial fibrillation (NVAF) remains controversial. We aimed to ass...

    Authors: Jie Song, Xiaoxue Zhang, Meng Wei, Yakun Bo, Xianhui Zhou and Baopeng Tang
    Citation: Lipids in Health and Disease 2022 21:78
  14. The prevalence of cardiovascular disease (CVD) is high in China, especially in Northwest China, and dyslipidemia in diabetes is a major factor at risk for CVD. The dyslipidemia prevalence, treatment and contro...

    Authors: Jiahang Li, Zhenxing Nie, Zhongli Ge, Lei Shi, Bin Gao and Yan Yang
    Citation: Lipids in Health and Disease 2022 21:77
  15. Psoriasis is a chronic inflammatory skin disorder related to dyslipidemia, with decreased high-density lipoprotein (HDL). Various cell types express phospholipid transfer protein (PLTP) as well as cholesteryl ...

    Authors: Jun Chen, Haihua Qi, Lijun Liu, Yandong Niu, Shuping Yu, Shucun Qin and Lei He
    Citation: Lipids in Health and Disease 2022 21:75
  16. Whereas the dietary intake of industrial trans fatty acids (iTFA) has been specifically associated with inflammation, cardiovascular disease, and type 2 diabetes, understanding the impact of dietary fats on human...

    Authors: Dominik Guggisberg, Kathryn J. Burton-Pimentel, Barbara Walther, René Badertscher, Carola Blaser, Reto Portmann, Alexandra Schmid, Thomas Radtke, Hugo Saner, Nadine Fournier, Ueli Bütikofer and Guy Vergères
    Citation: Lipids in Health and Disease 2022 21:74
  17. The correlation between nontraditional lipids and ischemic stroke (IS) is inconsistent and controversial. This study aimed to examine the association of four nontraditional lipids with IS risk in Chinese adults.

    Authors: Minhua Tang, Qi Zhao, Kangqi Yi, Yiling Wu, Yu Xiang, Shuheng Cui, Xuyan Su, Yuting Yu, Genming Zhao and Yonggen Jiang
    Citation: Lipids in Health and Disease 2022 21:72
  18. Maternal lipid levels during pregnancy are critical for fetal development. Recent studies revealed that high-density lipoprotein cholesterol (HDL-c) levels during pregnancy were negatively correlated with birt...

    Authors: Dongxu Huang, Haiyan Zhu, Yandi Zhu, Qinyu Dang, Qian Yang, Yadi Zhang, Xiaxia Cai, Xiaoyan Zhao, Ning Liang, Hongliang Wang and Huanling Yu
    Citation: Lipids in Health and Disease 2022 21:71
  19. Insulin resistance, liver injury and dyslipidemia are reported in non-alcoholic fat liver disease (NAFLD) patients. Interleukin (IL)-38 may take part in the pathophysiology of insulin resistance. Nevertheless,...

    Authors: Jun Cao, Lin Hua, Shipei Zhang, Jinping Tang, Fan Ke, Zhouhuan Wu and Guohui Xue
    Citation: Lipids in Health and Disease 2022 21:70
  20. Pulmonary arterial hypertension (PAH) is a chronic, progressive lung vascular disease accompanied by elevated pulmonary vascular pressure and resistance, and it is characterized by increased pulmonary artery s...

    Authors: Jingyuan Chen, Jun Luo, Haihua Qiu, Yi Tang, Xiaojie Yang, Yusi Chen, Zilu Li and Jiang Li
    Citation: Lipids in Health and Disease 2022 21:69
  21. Previous studies have shown that at a similar body mass index, Middle Eastern immigrants are more insulin resistant and at higher risk for type 2 diabetes (T2D) than native Europeans. Insulin resistance is str...

    Authors: Karin G. Stenkula, Lisa Esbjörnsson Klemendz, Claes Fryklund, Nils Wierup, Wathik Alsalim, Mona Landin-Olsson, Lena Trinh, Sven Månsson and Louise Bennet
    Citation: Lipids in Health and Disease 2022 21:68
  22. Inflammatory breast cancer (IBC) represents a deadly aggressive phenotype of breast cancer (BC) with a unique clinicopathological presentation and low survival rate. In fact, obesity represents an important ri...

    Authors: Aya Saber Ibrahim, Mohamed El-Shinawi, Salwa Sabet, Sherif Abdelaziz Ibrahim and Mona Mostafa Mohamed
    Citation: Lipids in Health and Disease 2022 21:67
  23. The role of lipid metabolism in obesity and cancer manifestations cannot be underestimated, but whether alterations in lipid metabolism can manipulate the vasculature to promote obesity among breast cancer (BC...

    Authors: Akinkunmi Paul Okekunle, Ga-Eun Yie, Sihan Song, Zisun Kim, Hyun Jo Youn, Jihyoung Cho, Jun Won Min, Yoo Seok Kim and Jung Eun Lee
    Citation: Lipids in Health and Disease 2022 21:66
  24. Familial hypercholesterolemia (FH) is a codominant autosomal disease characterized by high low-density lipoprotein cholesterol (LDLc) and a high risk of premature cardiovascular disease (CVD). The molecular ba...

    Authors: Victoria Marco-Benedí, Ana M. Bea, Ana Cenarro, Estíbaliz Jarauta, Martín Laclaustra and Fernando Civeira
    Citation: Lipids in Health and Disease 2022 21:64
  25. To assess the long-term biological coefficient of variation within individuals (CVI) and between individuals (CVG), effect of aging and cholesterol lowering drugs on blood levels of lipids in HIV-1-infected and -...

    Authors: Najib Aziz, David W. Gjertson, Matthew J. Mimiaga, Chantel D. Azarkman, Rey Soto, Nicole Alexopoulos and Roger Detels
    Citation: Lipids in Health and Disease 2022 21:63
  26. Literature on the association between the atherogenic index of plasma (AIP) and the risk of major adverse cardiovascular events (MACEs) among non-diabetic hypertensive older adults is quite limited.

    Authors: Fei Hang, Jieruo Chen, Zefeng Wang, Keyang Zheng and Yongquan Wu
    Citation: Lipids in Health and Disease 2022 21:62
  27. It is important to identify patients at increased risk of worsening of left ventricular ejection fraction (LVEF) after a myocardial infarction (MI). We aimed to identify the association of various potential bi...

    Authors: Lina S. Silva-Bermúdez, Andrea Vargas-Villanueva, Carlos A. Sánchez-Vallejo, Ana C. Palacio, Andrés F. Buitrago and Carlos O. Mendivil
    Citation: Lipids in Health and Disease 2022 21:61
  28. Trimethylamine N-oxide (TMAO)-related metabolites are associated with the pathogenesis of atherosclerotic cardiovascular disease (ASCVD) and are known to disrupt lipid metabolism. The aims of this study were t...

    Authors: Xiaowei Xiong, Jian Zhou, Qiang Fu, Xiaowei Xu, Shaobin Wei, Shenghua Yang and Buxing Chen
    Citation: Lipids in Health and Disease 2022 21:60
  29. Clinical investigations have found that there was a close association between T2DM and adverse cardiovascular events, with possible mechanisms included inflammation, apoptosis, and lipid metabolism disorders. ...

    Authors: Yufeng Mei, Zhiming Zhao, Yongnan Lyu and Yan Li
    Citation: Lipids in Health and Disease 2022 21:59
  30. The role of serum high-density lipoprotein cholesterol (HDL-c) in tumorigenesis are observed in several endocrine-related cancers. However, its role in pancreatic neuroendocrine neoplasms (PNENs) has not been ...

    Authors: Li Quan, Yongkang Liu, Wenjing Cui, Xinru Wang, Weixiao Zhang, Zhongqiu Wang, Chuangen Guo, Chao Lu, Feixiang Hu and Xiao Chen
    Citation: Lipids in Health and Disease 2022 21:58
  31. The incidence rate of metabolic-associated fatty liver disease (MAFLD) is increasing annually; however, there are still no effective methods for establishing an early diagnosis and conducting real-time tracing...

    Authors: Yuqing Zhu, Yani Ke, Yijie Hu, Kaihan Wu, Shan Liu and Jie Hu
    Citation: Lipids in Health and Disease 2022 21:57
  32. Heterozygous familial hypercholesterolemia (HeFH) due to low-density lipoprotein receptor (LDLR) mutations predisposes patients to highly elevated levels of cholesterol, and patients are at increased risk of a...

    Authors: Kasper Aalbæk Kjærgaard, Sixten Harborg, Henrik Kjærulf Jensen and Signe Borgquist
    Citation: Lipids in Health and Disease 2022 21:56
  33. The triglyceride and glucose index (TyG) and triglyceride to high-density lipoprotein cholesterol ratio (TG/HDL-C) are substitute markers of insulin resistance (IR). In a retrospective cross-sectional study, t...

    Authors: Zhi Liu, He He, Yuzhao Dai, Lidan Yang, Shenling Liao, Zhenmei An and Shuangqing Li
    Citation: Lipids in Health and Disease 2022 21:55
  34. MicroRNAs (MiRNAs) are known to participate in preadipocyte differentiation, but the manner in which miR-146a-5p participates in this process remains unclear. This study was performed to examine the participat...

    Authors: Yifen Wang, Jie Zhang, Xueru Chu, Mengke Wang, Yongning Xin and Shousheng Liu
    Citation: Lipids in Health and Disease 2022 21:54
  35. An excessive rise in maternal lipids during pregnancy may have detrimental impacts on maternal and fetal health leading to adverse pregnancy outcomes. However, knowledge gaps exist with respect to the associat...

    Authors: Todd C. Rideout, Xiaozhong Wen, Divya Choudhary, Marissa Catanzaro, Richard W. Browne, Vanessa M. Barnabei and Kai Ling Kong
    Citation: Lipids in Health and Disease 2022 21:53
  36. The severity of metabolic dysfunction-associated fatty liver disease (MAFLD) reportedly plays a part in the etiology of colorectal tumors. However, there is no consensus.

    Authors: Yunqing Zeng, Ruyue Cao, Ziwen Tao and Yanjing Gao
    Citation: Lipids in Health and Disease 2022 21:52
  37. Preeclampsia (PE) is a multisystemic syndrome specific to pregnancy. Although PE is the leading cause of death from complications associated with pregnancy, its aetiology is still unknown. In PE, lipid metabol...

    Authors: LA Gil-Acevedo, Guillermo Ceballos and YD Torres-Ramos
    Citation: Lipids in Health and Disease 2022 21:51
  38. Hypertriglyceridemic-waist (HTGW) phenotype has been proposed as a practical tool for screening the risk of cardiovascular diseases and glycemic metabolic disease. This study sought to investigate the relation...

    Authors: Ming Yang, Yaqin Xu, Chong Hu, Shuhua Zhang, Maobin Kuang and Yang Zou
    Citation: Lipids in Health and Disease 2022 21:50
  39. The association of serum triglyceride (TG) levels with the severity of hypertriglyceridaemia-induced acute pancreatitis (HTG-AP) remains controversial. This study aimed to comprehensively assess the TG levels ...

    Authors: Xiuli Dong, Shuang Pan, Daguan Zhang, Wandong Hong, Tanzhou Chen, Bingxin Zhang, Zhiming Huang and Chengshui Chen
    Citation: Lipids in Health and Disease 2022 21:49
  40. The preventive effect of cholesterol efflux capacity (CEC) on the progression of atherosclerotic lesions has been confirmed in animal models, but findings in the population are inconsistent. Therefore, this me...

    Authors: Wenke Cheng, Maciej Rosolowski, Julia Boettner, Steffen Desch, Alexander Jobs, Holger Thiele and Petra Buettner
    Citation: Lipids in Health and Disease 2022 21:47
  41. Hepatocyte nuclear factor 4α (HNF4α) and glucocorticoid receptor (GR), master regulators of liver metabolism, are down-regulated in fatty liver diseases. The present study aimed to elucidate the role of down-r...

    Authors: Hong Lu, Xiaohong Lei, Rebecca Winkler, Savio John, Devendra Kumar, Wenkuan Li and Yazen Alnouti
    Citation: Lipids in Health and Disease 2022 21:46
  42. Obesity, especially presenting with excessive amounts of visceral adipose tissue (VAT), is strongly associated with insulin resistance (IR), atherosclerosis, metabolic syndrome, and cardiovascular diseases (CV...

    Authors: Xuan Song, Hongxia Wu, Wenhua Zhang, Bei Wang and Hongjun Sun
    Citation: Lipids in Health and Disease 2022 21:45
  43. Low-density lipoprotein:high-density lipoprotein cholesterol ratio (LDL:HDL ratio) has a good performance in identifying diabetes mellitus (DM) and insulin resistance. However, it is not yet clear whether the ...

    Authors: Maobin Kuang, Nan Peng, Jiajun Qiu, Yanjia Zhong, Yang Zou and Guotai Sheng
    Citation: Lipids in Health and Disease 2022 21:44
  44. Monoacetyldiglycerides (MAcDG), are acetylated triglycerides (TG) and an emerging class of bioactive or functional lipid with promising nutritional, medical, and industrial applications. A major challenge exis...

    Authors: Charles F. Manful, Thu H. Pham, Heather Spicer and Raymond H. Thomas
    Citation: Lipids in Health and Disease 2022 21:42

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